Teaching Daughters aristocratic Spirit Teaching Boys a Civilized Mind


Orientation of aristocratic spirit in girls, civilized thinking in boys is the way to teach wise and children of parents!


Teach your daughter the aristocratic spirit.


Surely, as a woman, everyone wants to be beautiful? But nothing in this world ever comes naturally, much less can be achieved in a day or two. And so is the "aura" of a woman! Let's temporarily call it by the beautiful name "aristocratic spirit"! Come on, answer yourself, have you lived up to that spirit? And do you want your little daughter to have that wonderful thing in the future, to live proudly and "nobly"?


“Aristocratic spirit” sounds noble, but it actually comes from very simple things. Every girl needs to understand that not by simply putting on a Chanel shirt, carries a Gucci bag, or wears a pair of Louis Vuitton shoes... could make one aristocratic! When she comes to a crowded place, she laughs loudly, speaks loudly, swears, or has an unkind attitude... do you think she's really beautiful? So, in order to create the image of a modern "lady", the spirit of "Aristocracy" must be emanated from within the child's soul and mind.


When facing difficulties, absolutely do not give up on yourself, keep the discipline to maintain your child's habits. Get up early, exercise, eat on time, take care of your skin, take care of plants... Make sure you always do everything, to keep your body, heart, and spirit in the best condition.


To be independent, cook, drive, know how to use technology to serve work and life, know how to earn money to buy things you like... are certain things you must be able to do. It is good to have someone to protect you, but even if there is no one, you can still live independently by your own ability.


Children also really need knowledge to be independent, think and choose. Women with knowledge and understanding are never boring, on the contrary, they will have a very special attraction from their charisma, eyes, actions...


What people think of you, who loves and hates, who is talking bad about you... you shouldn't be too concerned. Likewise, do not let anyone control your thoughts or thinking. Be independent and confident my girl!


A certain "aristocratic " girl must always be beautiful, neat and have a unique scent of her own. This is also one of the factors that make women elegant and sophisticated. Beautiful, fragrant, delicate and polite, who can't love and admire, right?


Have you understood how much your daughter need to improve many things? It's not over yet! Most women have a wide understanding and "charismatic" because they also love to travel and experience. It is both a reward for their own efforts, because they deserve it, and a "filling" of their soul, so that they are always fresh and full of energy.


Just pay attention! Sweet words are the most attractive lipstick color of a woman. Every girl should keep in her makeup box a sweet "lipstick". It can spread, make listeners captivated, attracted and appreciate themselves more.


But, softness also needs to go hand in hand with tough and strong. To have the "Aristocratic spirit", girls need to live with principles! In love, for those who do not appreciate themselves, they definitely do not seek to hold on. If you stay, you will have to depend on yourself to find a way to keep that relationship for the rest of your life. Same in work and life too, pretty girls, keep the initiative in any case!


And most of all, you need to have a beautiful heart, know how to love, forgive, know how to feel pain and cry at evil. Thus, brand name, diamonds are only secondary, your heart shines brightly!


See, shaping the "Aristocratic spirit" for girls is not difficult, right? Just from small things, just need to practice with your daughter from today, just use love to send love. Every girl will become a "princess"!


Teach your son to think civilized thoughts


Today, when modern women need "charisma", what do modern men need? Perhaps it is still "will", the core thing that makes the value of a "real" man for many generations. However, society in the new era also entails new requirements and changes in the way of seeing a real man. People no longer just stop at the traditional image of a man, but also expect more sophistication, understanding, wisdom and "tenderness" ! These things, perhaps, should be encapsulated in the phrase "civilized thinking".


This is the weapon for our sons to integrate, become a global citizen, and especially to avoid being single in the situation of difference between male and female ratio like today, parents! So where should boys start and how to become a civilized man?


You know, the impression in the first 7 seconds determines 90% of whether others will like you later or not, especially important on occasions where there is no chance to do it again like going to an interview... So, What should our sons do when there is only one chance?


Advise your child that he should understand how a person's clothes share a lot about them. Therefore, you need to dress politely and neatly. That doesn't mean your child can never wear comfortable clothes or choose a style she loves, but he needs to know how to dress more formally and appropriately.


And when you don't understand something, or have a problem and don't know which way to go, don't be afraid to ask for advice from those who have gone before, who are better, to improve yourself. Do not think that it is a loss of honor It's not like men can't make mistakes or have to "know it all". Knowing how to listen and change is an important part of creating a civilized mindset! 


Life with a harsh spin, sometimes the pressure makes us want to collapse. When our sons falters, let's inspire them to keep getting up and keep going. Even if you fail, you should be proud that you tried your best. As a man, you must be strong to face the challenges of life.


There is something quite special in brave and successful men, that is they always persistently pursue their dreams. If you don't try, you will fail from the start. Dare to dream will help children have the motivation to continuously move forward, determined to do the things they want to do.


We still often hear the familiar saying "integrate but not dissolve", right? This formula is quite correct if you want to be a civilized person. The best thing you can do to leave a personal mark on anyone is this: Be yourself. Don't change yourself for anyone.


Maybe in life, there will be people who don't like the way you act or look. Please accept those comments, even bad ones, as a way to improve yourself day by day. You don't have to live for other people's views, but if it's a good thing, learn, and at the same time keep your own opinions and thoughts, and develop your own culture.


There used to be a terrible stereotype that men shouldn't cry or show their emotions. This stereotype has made many boys pressured and tired. You don't need to hide your feelings. Cry if you're sad, or excited when you hear good news, stay quiet when you listen to good music, or even tremble with fear when you watch a horror movie. Isn't a guy with a beautiful soul, depth, and vibes very romantic and civilized?


One more trick! “Lady first” is a Western saying, right? But wherever he is, what a civilized man needs to do is respect women. You need to know that women must be respected, equal, and cherished. Be kind and respectful to women, especially the women who are right next to you.


“The strong are not those who step on the shoulders of others to satisfy their selfishness. The strong must be the one who helps others on his shoulders.” You will become a great “mean” if you are kind, gentle, attentive to that woman!


Finally, help the "future men" remember that family is the most important thing! No matter where you go in life, the family will always be there for you. The family is always here to welcome you back, tolerating you, protecting you!


Balancing family, work and social relationships, that's when your child is truly mature and "civilized". We need to do well in every role in life, because men are accompanied by burdens, responsibilities, and responsibilities... But be proud that you are a man, a protective shoulder for the other half of your life. boy world!


Each child will have different personality traits, so there is no one-size-fits-all parenting formula. However, there are characteristics that parents need to know in order to raise their children better; Just like girls teach "aristocratic spirit", boys teach "civilized thinking".